Dr Martin Loehr talking to patients

Focal therapy for prostate cancer

Minimally invasive treatment concept for prostate cancer

A variety of treatment options are available for the potentially curable stages of prostate cancer. In Germany, the most popular treatment for prostate cancer is radical prostatectomy (complete surgical removal of the prostate). However, it is now known that only very few men who have undergone such an operation actually benefit from it. Patients over the age of 65, and these are the patients most commonly diagnosed with prostate cancer, are increasingly less likely to benefit from a radical prostatectomy.
Patients diagnosed with low-risk prostate cancer also have little benefit from the radical removal of the prostate.
At the Clinic for Prostate Therapy, on the other hand, we focus on gentle and, if possible, focal, i.e. targeted, cancer treatment (focal therapy with HIFU and IRE).
This treatment principle, in which only part of the prostate is subjected to cancer treatment, has been an integral part of the therapy concept at our clinic for many years. Thus, over the past ten years, around 1,000 patients have undergone focal cancer treatment – more than at any other specialist clinic in Europe.