Urologist Yvonne Dehner in conversation with colleague Dr Martin Loehr

The Greenlight XPS Laser (180 W)

The benign growth of the male prostate gland is called "benign prostatic hypertrophy" in medical circles, in short, BPH

In our clinic, we treat BPH with medication as well as with various procedures. Of these, the new Greenlight Laser and here, in particular, the new Greenlight Powerlaser is extremely important. Our Clinic for Prostate Therapy is considered to be the pioneer in Germany for treatment methods using the Greenlight Laser and, by now, can produce treatment numbers that no other medical institution in Germany can.

Light scalpel in use

The Greenlight Laser uses light at a wave length of 532 nm (nanometer, one-billionth of a meter). This has the advantage that green light is ideally absorbed by the red blood vessels and blood-rich tissue. This absorption of light leads to a sudden, explosion-like absorption of energy, and the irradiated tissue evaporates without any blood leaks. Physicians refer to this as photoselective vaporization of the prostate. The Greenlight Laser therefore becomes a highly precise 'light scalpel' in the hands of the surgeon. Urine will flow freely again immediately after the ablation of the tissue, the urine flow is strong and the bladder can be emptied again without any problems. The treatment is practically bloodless, and the patient can leave the clinic after a one to two-day inpatient stay.

In the hands of the surgeon, the green laser light becomes a precise instrument to treat benign enlargements of the prostate.
In the hands of the surgeon, the green laser light becomes a precise instrument to treat benign enlargements of the prostate.

More power with 180 watts

At the Heidelberg Clinic for Prostate Therapy, approximately 150 to 200 patients per year are treated with the green laser. The Greenlight Power Laser HPS (High Performance System) has been in use at the Clinic for Prostate Therapy since the beginning of 2007. HPS is a second-generation device that was replaced at the end of 2010 by the even more powerful 180-watt XPS laser. Several hundred patients have already benefited from the new technology. The optimized laser has a power output of 180 watts and can remove even more tissue from the prostate.

The patients gain by this in several ways:

For the first time, practically all sizes of prostate can be treated, even those whose sizes so far required conventional surgery, because they were too big. The time it takes to treat a patient has been reduced by at least 30 percent - a huge advantage in particular for patients for whom the time under anesthesia must be kept as short as possible. The 180 watt beam can be targeted even more precisely, since it either coagulates or vaporizes - meaning that it can be used to either cut and stop the blood flow or vaporize the tissue.

Why does the Greenlight XPS Laser constitute a breakthrough in the treatment of BPH?

With most treatment methods, the energy penetrates deeply into the tissue, causing swelling and edema. The energy of the Greenlightlaser, however, only penetrates the prostate very superficially. This means that more intense, irritative symptoms are avoided and the patient is able to recover more quickly. Many treatments leave a great deal of tissue behind and cause the prostate to only become a little smaller. For this reason, the symptoms often recur after only a relatively short period of time. The advantage of the Greenlightlaser lies in the fact that it immediately and bloodlessly evaporates the tissue. Opening the urethra causes a strong flow of urine, and the bladder can be emptied again without problems.

The most important advantages of the Greenlightlaser:

Immediate decrease in symptoms Quick recovery Long-lasting therapy success that lasts a long time Practically bloodless Catheter is only needed for a short period of time No incontinence or impotence Safe and effective treatment Even quicker restoration of quality of life when the 180 Watt Powerlaser is used Even shorter stay in the clinic when the 180 Watt Powerlaser is used New treatment options for prostate sizes that up to now could be only treated surgically

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Video sequences of treatment with the Greenlight XPS laser