View into a patient room

Your stay in the Clinic for Prostate Therapy

The concept of our clinic is the most modern medical technology combined with a pleasant, humane atmosphere. As far as the concept is concerned, the clinic is one of the very few clinics in Europe that deals exclusively with diseases of the prostate. We were the first such institution in Germany to establish minimally invasive methods in Germany and are able to reflect on more than 15 years of experience in the non-aggressive treatment methods for the prostate. The high number of patients who have been treated and the satisfaction of our patients show that we are on the correct path. The future belongs to non-aggressive, minimally invasive prostate therapy.


As a rule, you or your general practitioner schedule the initial consultation with us by phone. That saves you unnecessary waiting. If you have to wait a while, you will find appealing reading material in an atmosphere that was redesigned to make you feel welcome.

linic visit

The central location in downtown Heidelberg, with ideal traffic access for vehicles and streetcars, is a great advantage. It is only a few minutes from Heidelberg's ICE/IC train station. There is a spacious parking garage directly under the clinic building (see map). 


After the first detailed consultation, we will examine you using the most modern ultrasound methods. We measure the flow of urine and take (if necessary) a blood sample for further laboratory work-ups. We will decide together with you which of the non-aggressive prostate treatment forms is the right one for you.


Whether you undergo a Greenlight Laser treatment with the most modern Greenlight Power Laser for benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), a treatment with the highly focused ultrasound (HIFU) in the case of a prostate cancer or another therapy, in each case you will find yourself in the hands of experienced specialists who have decades of experience in the treatment of prostate diseases.
And in each case, the non-aggressive prostate treatment is coupled with the shortest possible stay in our clinic.

The stay

After treatment you might need to stay one or two days (overnight) in our clinic. We have several comfortably equipped patient rooms in pleasant color schemes and beautiful views of Heidelberg. Of course we will offer you the best medical care, round the clock. Depending on how many patients are staying with us a relative may also stay with you overnight. If this isn't possible we will help you book a room in a nearby hotel. 

After the stay

The follow-up examinations will proceed as scheduled. We try to avoid waits as much as possible. If you would like, we can be in close contact with your general practitioner with regard to your follow-up care.

The concept of our clinic is to offer the latest in medical technology, coupled with a pleasant, personal atmosphere. Our clinic is one of the very few clinics in Europe that deals exclusively with prostate issues. We were the first clinic of our kind in Germany to establish this less invasive treatment and have more than 15 years of experience with prostate treatment methods. The large number of procedures we have performed and the satisfaction of our patients are clear evidence that we are on the right path.