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Treatment with the NeoControl pelvic floor therapy device

For many years, the so-called extracoporal magnetic innervation (ExMI) has proven to be an extremely gentle and low-complication therapy method. Since 1998, this ExMI therapy has been used with great success in the USA for the treatment of functional disorders of the lower urinary tract, especially for the treatment of symptoms of hyperactive bladder with urge incontinence, stress incontinence or mixed incontinence.

The procedure has been in use at the Clinic for Prostate Therapy for some time. The NeoControl therapy device is a treatment chair in which the patient is dressed normally and treated in a relaxed position from below through the seat with electromagnetic impulses. The fibres of the pelvic muscles are stimulated and thus activated or passively trained. The musculature thus gains the ability to contract again; the incontinence disappears.

The procedure is painless and has practically no risks or side effects. Only patients with pacemakers and pregnant patients are excluded from the therapy. The treatment should be performed two to three times a week over a period of 6 to 10 weeks. Each session lasts about 30 minutes, including a break of 10 minutes. To support the therapy, conventional physiotherapeutic pelvic floor training can be carried out in parallel.

The active principle

The ExMI procedure is based on Faraday's principle of magnetic induction, whereby a pulsating magnetic field is generated. It works similarly to electrotherapy as an external contraction aid, but with one difference: not muscle cells but nerve cells are stimulated. While the patient sits fully clothed on the therapy chair, the specially designed therapy head in the seat of the chair focuses the magnetic pulses. The magnetic waves penetrate about eight centimetres deep into the pelvic floor and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles there by activating the nerves.

The muscles contract and relax with each impulse, clearly perceptible to the patient, whereby the contractions correspond to the impulse frequency of the therapy head.
The therapy chair is operated via an external control unit.

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