Dr Martin Loehr talking to patients.

Multimodal approaches to advanced prostate cancer

Treatment of advanced prostate cancer at an advanced stage

Prostate cancer is not detected in time in all patients. In these cases, secondary tumours, so-called metastases, may already have formed.
In such cases, a complete cure is hardly possible. However, medications and complementary treatments are useful to alleviate or eliminate symptoms, make complications unlikely or delay them and significantly improve the overall quality of life.
For example, even in the case of non-curable stages of prostate cancer, it is possible to initially achieve a reduction in the size of the tumour with medication. In the further course of treatment, the prostate can be reduced in size with a gentle GreenLight laser treatment so that problems with urination are alleviated or completely eliminated.
After appropriate healing, HIFU therapy of the tumorous parts of the prostate can also be carried out, sparing the sphincter controlling continence and other surrounding structures. On the one hand, this significantly reduces the burden of the tumour. On the other hand, further complications such as the ingrowth of the tumour into the urinary bladder or other neighbouring structures can be stopped.
If bone metastases already exist, targeted radiation therapy of the affected regions can be performed in cooperation with specialized centres in order to effectively combat the symptoms and complications.
Even in difficult situations, there are possibilities to help patients effectively and with few side effects using gentle methods