Urologist Dr Thomas Dill talking to patients

Clinic for Prostate Therapy

The concept of our clinic is the most modern medical technology combined with a pleasant, humane atmosphere.

As far as the concept is concerned, the clinic is one of the very few clinics in Europe that deals exclusively with diseases of the prostate. We were the first such institution in Germany to establish minimally invasive methods in Germany and are able to reflect on more than 15 years of experience in the non-aggressive treatment methods for the prostate. The high number of patients who have been treated and the satisfaction of our patients show that we are on the correct path. The future belongs to non-aggressive, minimally invasive prostate therapy.

The urologists at the Clinic for Prostate Therapy

Our team

Our team is well attuned to each other and will accompany and care for patients and visitors competently and sensitively.

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View into a patient room

Your stay

State-of-the-art medical technology paired with a pleasant, human atmosphere. Information about your stay in our special clinic.

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