Questions & Answers about the Greenlight XPS Laser - the most important FAQ's

How is the Greenlight XPS laser procedure performed?

A thin laser fiber is guided via an endoscopic system through the urethra to the enlarged prostate. The fiber delivers the laser energy which completely vaporizes the tissue, thereby removing the offending tissue. The endoscopic system (cystoscope) enables the urologist to control the procedure safely.

Is it necessary to stay in hospital for Greenlight laser treatment?

The treatment only takes between 40 minutes and three hours - depending on the volume of the prostate. You will stay in the clinic not longer than two or three days.

Will I feel any pain during treatment?

No. The anesthetist ensures that there will be no pain of any kind by administering a local anesthetic in combination with a sedative.

Will I have to wear a catheter?

Directly after the treatment the catheter will be inserted and can be removed on the day of discharge.

Will I have any discomfort after the treatment?

Virtually no discomfort is anticipated. The study by the American Mayo Clinic shows that only six per cent of patients experienced any pain while passing water. Should pain be experienced, it very slight and can be rectified immediately using conventional remedies.

What risks does the therapy involve?

The treatment is minimally invasive. This means that in principle any operative risks are already minimized. Your doctor will explain the details to you carefully.

How soon will I be able to see results?

You should usually have a strong urinary flow as little as 24 hours after treatment and should notice that the discomfort has completely disappeared.

How soon can I return to work?

Most patients can resume their normal activities within a few hours or days. Strenuous activity such as lifting, straining and carrying should be avoided for the first two weeks.

Is my sex life likely to be affected?

After the treatment you will probably not notice any change in erection and orgasm. Many patients have even reported an improvement in their sex life. A relatively small number of patients may possibly experience a retrograde ejaculation (dry climax). This problem is caused by the recently widened opening of the neck of the bladder, but will only cause slight discomfort for some, and it is not medically significant. In any event, you can rely on the detailed advice from your doctor.

How much does the treatment cost?

While laser treatment is based on decades of experience with laser radiation of BPH, the Greenlight XPS laser is a completely new development. Many private health insurers and benefit agencies will accept the costs in full or in part. It is a good idea for patients to consult their insurance company in advance.

Which company is behind the development of the Greenlight laser?

The renowned US company American Medical Systems (AMS) in Minnesota/USA developed the new XPS laser. AMS now belongs to the medical technology group Boston Scientific.

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