Testimonials from our patients

On this page you will find testimonials from our patients. If you would like to send us your own testimonial, please write us an e-mail.

Letter from Czech Republic dated 29.04.21:

A few years after brachytherapy treatment my PSA started to grow systematically. A PET/CT scan also confirmed recurrence of cancer in the prostate. I chose to get salvage treatment at the Klinik für Prostata-Therapie in Heidelberg using the IRE treatment with NanoKnife. All the procedure was done in a very professional way, with no negative side effects after that. Now, four months after the procedure, my PSA already dropped to the lowest value I have ever had, showing that the cancer tumor was targeted very accurately. I appreciate very good work of Dr. Martin Löhr.

Ladislav P.

Letter from Clive C. (2019-04-12):

“After the failure of salvage HIFU for recurrent prostate cancer in London I contacted Dr Loehr at Prostata Clinic in Heidelberg. Following an MRI and biopsy it was discovered that there were more tumors than at first suggested by previous tests done in Portugal. I firstly underwent a green light laser procedure to vaporise a mass around my uretha conducted by Dr Dill followed a few weeks after by HIFU by Dr Loehr. My PSA has fallen to 0.25 for the last two tests and following a further MRI there is no evidence of tumors and for the moment I am cancer free! My experience at Prostata Clinic has been excellent, private medicine is a business but as well as the highest level of professionalism I must emphasis the care and consideration I received both from the doctors and staff at Prostata Clinic.
I understand that mine was a particularly challenging case and so far the results speak for themselves . Thank you!“
Clive C.